Kendra’s Bachelorette party

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So the bride to be Kendra and her girlfriends got together to arrange her a suitable send off into married life. They were very insistent that they wanted the full monty strip show experience for their friend. How can I put this? They were very blunt with what it was they wanted and werent shy to ask . The girls told us when they get together they can be a real handful and things tend to get pretty wild expecially when you add alcohol to the equation. So the big night came and we got to witness the carnage we were promised. It was balls to the wall explicit hardcore action from the get go. As soon as those dicks were out of the guys pants, this pack of wild minxes were climbing over each other to get a sample. Everywhere you looked it was dick slurping, ball sucking action. Literally every female engaged or not had mouthful of cock meat. Of course the big finale saw the bride herself Kendra get taken out to the back of the club and fucked royally by our big dicked friend.