Alaina’s Fiesta

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Another birthday girl who wants to get all her besties together for a dick slurping cock fest. Well Alaina called the right people, we aim to please after all. Usual rules apply, no boyfriends allowed. It’s just a room full of dick hungry wild sluts who want to see some big dick maybe even sample if they are feeling brave. With a circle formed around the strippers, the girls chant and clap as the dancing bear swings his big thick dick around. Soft warm hands on these precious princesses reaching out to cop a feel of his meat. They jerk and squeeze at his cock and fondle his balls, all the while getting more excited as they feel his shaft thickening in their grip. The braver of the bunch lowers her head to have a lick of his swollen cock head, smiling as she looks up to see her friends faces. She turns back to his manhood this time opening her mouth and taking his mushroom tip fully into her warm mouth. Her lips clamp down around his thickness, his size clearly not something she is accustomed to as she struggles to take him fully into her mouth.  Another millennial pulls her off him and proceeds to show her how it’s done properly, reaching down to him cup his big balls, she jerks and sucks him to the roar of the crowd and the groans of the dancing bear stripper.