Birthday Party with Strippers

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A group of excited young women gather together for a little male stripper birthday party fun.  The girls want to make sure this is one cake day their buddy won’t forget. A knock at the door and the mob rush to greet the dancing bears in uniform. House music is pumping and adrenalin is rushing, these women want to see the contents of the fellas bulging pants. Running their hands all over the strippers well defined muscles, two of the wilder babes drop to their knees, unzip and pull out a prize portion of meat each. Giggling as they stroke those peckers each to a full erection, one of the dancers presents a can of whipped cream. The ripped stud points the nozzle to the base of his big cock and sprays a stream of cream the entire length of his shaft. Of course this slutty party goer needs no coercing. She opens her mouth and takes his schlong to the back of her throat, using her tongue and teeth to scrape the creamy goodness from his meat.